Monday, January 27, 2014

The Grammys

They were very long, like over 3 hours. It annoys me that it comes from Los Angeles, and instead of being live, we had to wait 3 more hours to watch it, when  everybody aklready knew who won and who did what. At least they had the red carpet live.

Other awards shows coming from LA are broadcast live in LA. Good for them, and thank you :)

What I liked:
 Pink's performance. Good show, good song.  Ringo and Paul together (didn't care much for their performance) and even Yoko Ono was hovering around and John Lennon's son that looks just lik his father. The old timers, Willie, Merle, and Kris. I was surprised to find out Kris is older than Merle! (77 and 76) and Willie of course is 80, their voices are not as strong, but they had soul and they put on a good performance.  I guess  the things I liked sort of dates me eh?  ;)

What I didn't like:
Madonna singing "Same Love". I like the song but she sounded weird and looked sort of  strange with the cane etc.  I understood the 33 weddings, but I thought it was more of a stunt than anything else, and Queen Latifah the officiant? really?
I liked Daft Punk but is kinda silly to be a robot and not be able to talk.

I like Macklemore & Lewis but I'd have liked Eminem to win (happy Kanye didn't win). And did I see Nine Inch Nails at the end of the show with a bunch of other singers?

There's probably more things I liked and didn't like but I can't think of it right  now.

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RedRed said...

Madonna didn't sing "Same Love"; she sang her own song during the Same Love part. And yes, that was Trent Reznor singing his heart out at the end. He was good.