Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring has Sprung...or is it Summer?

We've been having very nice warm weather in January. The trees are starting to bloom and so are the flowers. It's very nice especially considering the bad weather people in the East had been having, and  is cold in Utah, and in Sweden. California needs RAIN. It is very dry.

Today it was a hot 85 degrees, this weekend will be  in the 80's too. Too hot for January in my opinion. We wore shorts, I watered my thirsty plants. In the evening I took Lulu for a walk at the La Mirada Park. It was nice, a young man was sitting on a bench singing and playing the guitar, people and children were walking or riding bycicles.

I think we need some mild winter weather now :)

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emtes said...

Oh, that sounds so nice :-) Compared to how we have it - -9C and it has been snowing the whole weekend. You saw the photos on FB ;-)
I'm freezing.
How about the fires? Are they out yet?
I hope you will have a great Sunday and I send you a big cold hug
Love you
Mia <3