Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I just noticed that Marvin has been writing in his blog  this month. He's a man of few words and never said he started writing the blog again. Most every time I write I ask if he read my blog, you would think he would say...have you read mine?  (I was just thinking maybe he did tell me but I didn't understand or listen? could happen!) :)

It is nice he got back to writing.

I have nothing more to say, because today I did absolutely nothing, so I will just leave you with a cool idea. It works!

Just take an orange, lemon or grapefruit, cut in half,
eat the middle portion, leave the center core-like stem intact.
Pour a little kitchen oil (veg. Oil, olive oil, etc) into orange or whatever citrus you use, just below the top of the stem.
Light stem.
It will burn for hours and smell amazing.

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RedRed said...

Cool idea! I may have to try it :)