Saturday, January 26, 2013


If you have seen Sonia's updates in Facebook, you may have got the feeling that things are going to change, and they are.

She explained to me that Taco Ganxo is only profitable during July and August, when there's some tourism in San Feliu, but the rest of the year they hardly make enough to keep it open. It seems that the natives don't care so much for  Mexican food. Eric and Sonia have really tried, and the place couldn't be in a better area, and they sure had it nicely decorated and  seems like a very pleasant place to stop and have some tacos and a Margarita.

They have thought of different options, like moving to the Tarragona area of Salou, or even going to a foreign country, but as things are it didn't come to pass.

Nicole didn't want to move either, she wants to stay in the school where she has her friends, etc. And that was also something they wanted.

All in all, they are going to keep the establishment, but in a couple of weeks it will be Taco Ganxo no more.

It will become "Capritxos" which translates to "whimsy" in English. A friend of Sonia is a good baker and she makes very nice cupcakes, so they will be selling pastries, dulces, cupcakes, and serve tea and coffee etc.

Here's the new logo:
Eric may go to work for a while in Saudi Arabia in a restaurant, and check the possibilities for opening a Mexican Restaurant there.
I wish them the very best in this new endeavor!
PS By the way, don't say anything about this in Facebook, or to her, since she doesn't want people to know until the new establishment is open.

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emtes said...

OK I won't say anything but it's a good thing you told me because I have wondered :-)
I have even recommended them on Tripadvisor so if anyone wants to go they can look it up and see that they have a good score.
Have to change that when they change :-)
Have a great Sunday and as usual take care.
Love you. Muchos besos <3