Saturday, May 11, 2013

A story about my mother

Since tomorrow is Mother's Day in the US, I think I will write a little anecdote about my mother.

It was in the early 40's I think . At that time, my mom and dad were pretty wealthy, they travelled a lot, we had a nanny and a chauffeur and lived in a beautiful house in one of the best areas of Barcelona. My paternal grandmother (yaya) lived with us and when my parents travelled, or partied, she along with the nanny, took care of Nuri. I wasn't born yet.

They usually travelled with another couple that were their best friends. He was the owner of a big textile company. They travelled in style.

This particular time I am writing about is a trip they took to the Canary Islands and Northern Africa. By the pictures I have of them, it seems like they had a great time. In Africa, they met this Emir with his court. He was a Muslim prince from Sahara, and he totally fell for my mother. He offered my father 10 elephants and some other stuff (jewels and money) in exchange for my mother. My mother told us this story many many times. She said the prince was very good looking and seemed very smitten with her. He invited the whole party to his place for dinner, he lived in a Palace. They were impressed.

My mother said that sometimes she wondered how her life would have been had she gone with the prince. She called him "MI PRINCIPE AZUL" (which in Spanish fairy tales is what prince charming is called).
my mother is next to the prince, she was blond at the time.
I asked my mother to tell me this story many times, it was always my favorite :)
When my mother and father had some disagreements or were mad at each other, sometimes my father would say he should have taken the 10 elephants, and my mother would say she should have gone with el principe azul!
I might have been a Muslim princess... ;)

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RedRed said...

What a cool story! I've never heard it before.