Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Happenings

This month has been pretty busy. I have subbed for Kindergarten at Jersey 3 times. They were just in the afternoon and I liked that.  I did not really enjoy it as much as I thought I would, is different from having your own class. But i enjoyed being in the school and talking to the staff and being hugged by my ex students.

On February 14, Sandy flew down for a few days. She was lucky we had really nice weather while she was here (today it's rainy and chilly). The next day we went to Black Angus for lunch. Marvin was feeling well and we had a nice time and a yummy lunch. I also got a gorgeous bunch of tulips from Mia. Thanks!!!

Lizzie came up that night and it was so nice to have our girls home! Lulu was very excited to have more humans around to play with :)

On Saturday, we took Marvin to dialysis, and then the 3 of us went to Acapulco in Long Beach for lunch. We could see the seals playing right in front of us.
Afterwards we drove around the ocean front in Long Beach, by the Queen Mary and a little tour of Naples. It was good for me to go out and drive around with the girls. I needed that and the weather was just great.

That evening, Marvin's brother and sisters came to visit. It was nice to see them again. Their little poodle is as weird as ever.

On Sunday, after breakfast, we took some pictures in the garden, then Lizzie left to San Diego,  later we drove Sandy to the airport on her way back home (too bad about the pat down!)
The good thing is Marvin was feeling well and happy to have everybody around.

Today is our 48th Wedding Anniversary. Unfortunately, Marvin woke up not feeling very well, he was very weak and droopy. I drove him to dialysis, and I picked him up 4 hours later, and he still was not feeling too well. We had Thai food for dinner, and then he went to bed. So we did not have much of a celebration, but still it was better than last year, when we spend our Anniversary in the nursing home.

Yesterday was my friend's Jennifer 40th birthday, and today is Norbert's 57th birthday. Jennifer didn't celebrate she called it an unbirthday, but Norbert celebrated his by going to Catalina Island on a free birthday pass.. (To celebrate Catalina Express 30th year, they are giving a free  pass to anybody on their birthday). He also had a buffalo burger and 2 Margaritas, also free for his birthday.

Tomorrow Mary and Dewey are coming to visit before they go back to Dixon. I will buy a couple of Don Juan's broiled chickens, since I don't feel like cooking. I hope Marvin will be feeling better :)

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emtes said...

So nice to hear about the visits and that you had a great time in Long Beach.
You have to congratulate both Jennifer and Norbert on their birthdays from me. Give them a hug if you see them.

A big hug for you and to Marvin and I hope he's feeling better.

Love you,
Mia <3