Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of Year Recap

Here are the highs and lows and in between of 2012

January: Marvin had surgery to drain the abscess on the 9th, then on the 13th he had abdominal surgery and a colostomy,  and was in ICU with a breathing and feeding tube for several days. Sandy and Lizzie were with me. I bought a maltipoo and named her Lulu.
February: Marvin was released from Kaiser on the 8th and transferred to Pacific Palms for rehab. On the 9th he went back to Kaiser ER and back to Pacific Palms on the 12th. Lizzie has been coming over on weekends and Sandy and Tristan flew down on the 17th. We celebrated our 47th wedding Anniversary at Pacific Palms with cupcakes.. Lizzie drove them to the airport the next day. Marvin was released the 24th. On the 28 trying to sit on his recliner Marvin fell down, had to ask John and a neighbor to help him up. The next day he ostomy nurse and the physical therapy nurse came to teach us some procedures.
March: On the 6th, Marvin fell on the bathroom, needed some help from the neighbors. On the 9th on a visit to Dr Shawel we found another abscess and was back to ER for surgery. Stay ed in Kaiser until the 18th when he was transferred to Pacific Palms. Sandy and Lizzie came over the 23rd, Sandy left the 25th . I had a mammogram on the 30th. Lizzie had diverticulitis attack the 31st.
April: Marvin was released from Pacific Palms on the 7th. Lizzie and I picked him up. Street paving. Sandy came down the 19th. We celebrated Marvin's 72 birthday at home, and also Mother's Day, we both got iPods :)  Sandy left the 24th.
May: Bought myself a new computer tower. Sandy came down the weekend of the 25th for Memorial Day weekend.
June: Marvin to ER on the 4th (don't remember why). On the 7th Sandy and family went to Belize, and Lizzie went ziplining. On the 26th Marvin went to the ER from the dialysis clinic with acute weakness, was discharged on the 28th.
July: Norbert went on vacation to Hungary and France. I had a hearing test and I am hard of hearing in both ears. House cleaner came on the 11th. Tristan came to stay with us for a few days on the 16th. Sandy came the 21st and they both left the 23rd. Lulu had obedience training this month but did not graduate. The London Olympics started the 27th
August: Went for a check up on the 1st. Called  911 on the 7th, firemen and paramedics came and took Marvin to the Whittier Hospital because he was confused and in pain, later that day he was transferred to Kaiser Irvine. He was released on the 8th, Jennifer and I picked him up. Sandy had knee surgery the 13th. I had a few procedures done at the dentist. I also went to the podiatrist Dr Chapra. Lizzie spend a week with Sandy in Utah.
September: Norbert got back on the 5th. Nothing much happening :)) Visits for Marvin to Optometry and Dermatology.
October: Back to the dentist to have a couple of crowns. Tree Trimmers came $350.
November: Quiet month. On the 24th Lizzie and I took Marvin to ER because of  being confused and weak.
December:  Went to Dr Shawel on the 3rd. On the 8th, Marvin woke up weak and "not right", and we went to ER.  They thought he had an infection and gave him antibiotics. He also had his fistula checked in Radiology since it was clotting. He was released from Kaiser on the 11th . On the 15th Lizzie and I had a pre birthday lunch at Black Angus. On the 17th I had my 69th birthday, Marvin and I went to Black Angus. I got Champagne and chocolates from Mia, yummy pastries from Utah. and a poetry book from Lizzie . We picked Lizzie in Fullerton on the 21st and next day the Thompson's came. The 23rd we all went to El Torito for a post birthday lunch. On the 24th the O'Dell's and Wann's and Jeff came to join us for a Christmas Eve dinner, prepared and fixed by my two girls and Jeff. :) Delicious.
Christmas day we opened gifts, and had a nice meal of canelones and fillet Mignon roast. It was a great holiday!!! 
Again I want to thanks Sandy and Lizzie for all the help and support throughout the year. It has been a very stressful year for me, and of course not a fun one for Marvin. He had to go through a lot. But thankfully, the year is ending in a bright note, and I sincerely hope that 2013 bring us health, wealth and happiness :)

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