Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A KFC Tale

There was an advertisement from KFC that said:
NEW, crisp 'em, and dunk 'em. 3 crispy chicken tenders, one side of your choice, a freshly made biscuit, a medium size drink, and two dunking sauces, for $5.00
It sounded good so I went and ordered 2 of them, one with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, and one with a side of mac'n'cheese.
I was second in line to order and there were 6 people behind me in line.  I fixed the drinks, a diet Pepsi for me and a Sierra Mist for Marv, and waited.
And waited.
After seeing everybody that was in line get their meals, I asked about my order. The server said they had to fry some more chicken tenders, but he would give me a chicken leg instead.
I said: "HUH?"
I said I wanted the chicken tenders. He said OK, they are cooking.
So I waited some more.
Finally the meal made an appearance. I doubled checked to make sure everything I ordered was in it. What? potato wedges??? where are the mashed potatoes and gravy?
Oops sorry!
Hey where are the dunkin sauces???
Ah what do you want? buttermilk? honey mustard? buffalo chicken? BBQ?
OK, finally all ready to go.
Server: Thanks for waiting. Have a Merry Christmas!
Me: HUH?

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RedRed said...

Hahahaha! Great story :)