Saturday, July 13, 2013

What's new

Tristan came to visit for a few days. Marvin and I went to pick him up on Wednesday. It seems like he grows a few more inches everytime I see him!

On Thursday, we went to the library and the store, and to the La Mirada pool. We just went to look at it because he said he didn't want to go swimming by himself, but we had a nice time. I made spaghetti at night.

Friday, we went to Huntington Beach, met Norbert and left  Tristan in the bike path to do some longboarding, we met him at the pier and we all went to Ruby's for lunch. After that Norbert and I went to the Farmer's Market, I also got a US Open of surfing Tshirt for Tristan. Of course he went longboarding some more, he really went around a lot, from the Newport Beach border to the pier and back. We met him halfway there on the way back. We kept in touch by phone. He seemed to enjoy the ride, and the weather was great. :)

He's taller than me! (he's on his board, but still)

In the bad side, Marvin has been having some bad days lately. His left thigh has been hurting quite a bit and it makes it hard for him to walk. He's also been taking pain pills for it. He also has a stomach ache and is not feeling very perky at all. I wanted to take him to Urgent Care but he said to wait till Tristan leave, but if he's not better by Sunday I will take him on Monday.

And I have some form of  dysphagia, which is having difficulty swallowing. It started after my last dental work and I wonder if it's related. Is very annoying because I am having trouble taking my pills, and I've just been eating soft stuff that is easier to swallow. I'll probably have it checked if it doesn't get better.

Tomorrow I'll take Marvin to dialysis and then Tristan wants to go to Barnes and Noble. He also told me his friend Ruben is coming to California tomorrow and they would like to meet Monday in Long Beach. We'll see. He's staying by Anaheim wit his uncle.

Sunday we were going to Best Buy and then to eat to Panda Inn, but it will depend on how Marvin feels. I told Tristan  if he's not up to it, I will go with him to Best Buy and we can go to Panda Inn and get it to go. It depends.

Tristan has been good company and a good helper, he and Lulu wrestle a lot and Lulu is hiding under my chair half the time lol, she's not used to rough play!

We really enjoy having Tristan here :)


emtes said...

How wonderful to have Tristan with you for a couple of days! I also saw his photos on Instagram. It seems he has a good time :-) I wish I could have been there with you and Norbert and have that meal on Ruby's. Give a hug to Norbert from me next time you meet :-)
I'm sorry to hear Marvin not feeling well :-( I do hope he gets better soon and has the proper treatment. And you too! Go and see the doctor if it doesn't get better. Do you know that one of the symptoms of Sjogren's is difficulty swalloing because of the dryness?
Take care all of you and big hugs to you all.
Love you <3

emtes said...

I have just written to Sandy tipping her off about a book that I love. I have forgotten to tell you about it. I don't know if you have read it or heard about it. The title is: "the 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared" and is written by a Swedish author Jonas Jonasson. It is so funny!! It's like a Swedish Forrest Gump but more fun.
It's now being made into film here in Sweden.
If you want to read something that makes you smile this is the book for you. You can find it on
Big hugs (and to Marvin) and I hope you have a great weekend. Love you!!