Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Right next door to the dialysis clinic, there's a nail salon & spa.
There's always lots of people there. I thought about going one day but it was really full and had 30 minutes wait.
Yesterday, after leaving Marvin, I decided to go see if they had an opening. I have been doing some gardening and my nails were really bad.
I went in and there were only 3 customers and several employees. A nice Asian woman dressed all in pink waved me in. She told me to sit and what was my pleasure? I said manicure. Then she took me to an area where there were tons of nail polish most of them quite garish. I didn't see any brands I recognized, finally I chose a natural color.
The place is big and not very well appointed. A long line of chairs set up for pedicures, several little tables for manicure, and a back area for facials.
After soaking my fingers, she started talking to another employee that was working on a pedicure, then she talked to me in the same language, I asked what language was she speaking and she said tieng viet which I assumed was Vietnamese. After shaping my nails etc, she took my watch and rings off and gave me a rather nice arms and hands massage with oils and stuff. Then she looked at me and said something that sounded like pei pei, I looked rather baffled and she said nine dolla!!! I gathered she wanted me to pay her, so I gave her $10 + 2 more. She smiled and bowed, then proceeded to stretch my fingers and soaked them again. She then presented me with her hand palm up and looked at me smiling, I wondered what she wanted now, another tip? what? so she said gimme keys! I asked you  want my car keys, she said yes. Well it dawned on me she didn't want me to ruin my nails by looking in my purse for money or car keys after she put the polish on.
Then she asked me if I was cold, I said no, so she smiled and got up and put my jacket on. I could hardly understand a thing she said she probably couldn't understand me either. So I sat again and then she put the nail polish on and a coat over it and more varnish and more topcoat. So I said thank you it looks very nice and I got up ready to go, but noooo, she took my arm and took me to a room with a hot light so my nails would dry faster. She bowed and said something like 15 minutes. After about 5 minutes I started to get antsy and checked the nails and they seemed dry to me so I left :)  The end.

So tha

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