Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am finally the proud owner of an iPhone. I chose the same model Lizzie and Sandy have, than way they can help me put the apps on and learn how to do some things. And yes, it's white so it won't show up fingerprints as much.

It was an early birthday present, from me to myself!

On other news, after many years of middling to mediocre TV's, last night Norbert asked me to go to Costco and help him choose a new TV. He chose a 42" Vizio smart TV. This morning the cable guy went to his house and bundled the computer, TV and phone, so he was set up. At 3:00PM he called saying he was coming over to return the TV because it was not "bright" enough.

So off we went to Costco again and as a surprise, I got him a Costco card for a Christmas gift. He goes to Costco all the time, but always with friends with cards lol. This way he can go all by himself :)

Anyway this time he bought a 50" Samsung Smart TV.

Hopefully he will still like it in the morning.


emtes said...

Congrats to your new IPhone :-) I don't have one but I do have an IPad.
My mobile is HTC.
Hope you will have a lot of fun with yours.
Great gift to you from you ;-) And also a great gift to Norbert.
Tell him hi from me next time you see him :-)

RedRed said...

Yay Mom!