Monday, March 31, 2014

March recap

I had to delete yesterday's post, I wrote a "blonde joke" but for some unknown reason it didn't show part of it, and I tried to edit it but nothing worked, and without that part the joke made no sense, so out it goes. It was funny though!

March was a very active month, planting tomatoes, sunflowers, herbs, etc. Having Lulu vaccinated and microchipped, watching the Oscars, having Lizzie visit,  and of course, the  shaking and rolling!!!

Here's the movies I've watched:

Delivery Man (2013) 
The Wedding Date (2005) 
The Love Letter (1999) 
Barefoot (2014)
Greenfingers (2000) 
A lot like love (2005)
One Small Hitch (2014) 
Here's the books I've read:
Liane Moriarty – What Alice Forgot
Sheryl Woods – An O’Brien Family Christmas
W. Bruce Cameron – A Dog’s Purpose
Stuart Woods – Doing Hard Time
Carolyn BrownThe Blue-Ribbon JalapeƱo Society Jubilee
Sally Koslow – The Widow Waltz
Elizabeth Adler – Please don’t tell
Amanda Brown – Legally Blonde
Looking forward to a great APRIL! :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Earthquake, too close to home!

This earthquake hit close to home! Centered in La Habra. I was sitting in the computer and hear a noise and the computer and TV started shaking, and so did my chair. I got up and stood by the door holding on, Lulu was running around and got close to Marvin who was sitting on his chair. It shook his chair too.

Things fell off the shelves in the dining room, it felt quite strong, the stronger earthquake I felt since the one in Whittier Narrows in '96.

It was too close for comfort. I went outside and talked to the neighbors and then we felt another one, yikes!

All is well, I have no heard anything about damages anywhere, that's a good thing. They call it a moderate earthquake.

Breaking news | ABC7 Los Angeles

Friday, March 28, 2014

A 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck about a mile and a half east of La Habra at 9:09 p.m. PT. About an hour earlier, a 3.6-magnitude earthquake struck the same area at 8:03 p.m.

Monday, March 24, 2014

No dejes para manana lo que puedas hacer hoy

In other words, don't procrastinate.

I've been meaning to go to JC Penney to get a mattress topper and I kept postponing it. It's been 50% off for the last 2 weeks. So I finally decided I would go  tomorrow to get it.

I was going to go to Stonewood Mall, have a corn dog on a stick (don't ask me why, haven't had one for ages and felt like having one), then have a pretzel from Annie's Pretzel (she was featured in the secret millionnaire). Lastly I would go to JC Penney and get my mattress topper.

I just finished checking their website, to make sure they have it at the Stonewood Mall, and lo and behold, it's back to full price! So, since I am thrifty, I will wait until is on sale again, hopefully soon :)

And that's my story.

Friday, March 21, 2014

It felt like Sunday

All week I thought it was a different day from the day it actually was, I don't know why. Today is Friday but it felt like Sunday.

I woke up fairly early and took care of Lulu and when Marvin went grocery shopping, I vacuumed the house and did some general cleaning.

Norbert came by in the afternoon, he emptied and cleaned the Jacuzzi, and did a few chores around the yard. He stayed over for dinner. Marvin cooked catfish iwth green beans and mashed potatoes, cornbread and a salad. He wolfed everything down, not a crumb was left. It was really good.

For some reason, today the hummingbirds were out in force. Of course when they were around I didn't have my camera, but I was able to finally get a couple of shots. They were  taking baths in the fountain, it was so cute! I hope they are around when Mia gets here :)

Have a lovely weekend everybody :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time Flies

Tomorrow is my grandson's birthday. He will be turning 16 years old!

He's a great kid and a super good student. Being 16 also means he soon will get his drivers license. I remember when my girls got theirs. I hope he is as good and careful driver as they are :)

I thought, just for fun, I will post a picture of his grandpa when he was his age :)

Do you see a resemblance? :)

Monday, March 17, 2014


We had a shaky beginning in Los Angeles area, at 6:25AM there was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake ( I didn't feel it since I was sleeep). It was the topic of conversation all day, all TV stations were talking about it. I think most of you may have seen the KTLA TV anchors' reaction when the quake struck. They did exactly what you are supposed to do in an earthquake, and that is to get under a table and cover your head, but it was just priceless watching the surprised/scared look of the male anchor Chris Schauble.

Just in case you didn't see it...

Other than the earthquake, it was another great day, warm and sunshiny. I met 2 teacher friends in Huntington Beach and we went  out to lunch at Slapfish Restaurant I had clam chowder and fish and chips.

After lunch we walked to the pier, the beach was full! and then we walked downtown HB and had some dessert at   it was very good!

When i got home I went to get a few groceries, and got some Irish soda bread and Irish butter and had it for a late snack. It was yummy.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

His Grandparents and his Parents

These are  the pictures of Marvin's paternal and maternal grandparents. And a picture of his parents, taken in Poteau, Oklahoma. The little blondie is Marvin, their first born .

His paternal grandparents
Alonzo Wann and Nona Reynolds

His maternal grandparents
Marvin O. Moore and Mary Faulkner
and his parents,
Marshall Joseph Wann, and Opal Mae Moore