Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Today has been an OK day, although it was a little frustrating at times.

 After I took Marvin to dialysis I was planning to have lunch to El Maguey, but it was closed! Then I tried another place, it was close also, so i drove to Puffy Taco, closed as well! so I drove to the Whittier Mal and went to Chipotle, and you guessed! it was closed. So I ended up at The Habit, had a nice cheese burger, fries and chocolate milkshake :)

When i got home I took Lulu for a walk around the neighborhood, she walks fast and I have to keep up with her, then we got home and rested.

Marvin was a little late getting out of dialysis (they had a change of crew and they were slow). We got home and I started cooking, au gratin potatoes and pork loin roast. When I thought the roast was done, well it wasn't. So I sliced it and grilled them in the handy grill the girls gave us. It was good. In the morning I had gone to Le Parisien and got some pastries, a couple of them were good and we enjoyed them, the last 2 were totally tasteles, grrrr.

At night I took Lulu for a little walk, she seemed to enjoy the fireworks in the neighborhood, but  jumped when they went BOOM!!! I talked to my next door neighbors, Amy is expecting a baby girl in September (Sophia), her son Matthew is adorable. They were having fireworks going so Marvin also came out and we watched for a while.

Later I went to the Jacuzzi and enjoyed the back neighbors fireworks, they always have a good show! And it was nice and relaxing.

Oh I watched 2 movies, I enjoyed the first one a lot, it's a 2005 movie called Junebug, with Amy Adams. It had great reviews and I really liked it. The other one was the 2011 film "The Art of Getting By", I liked it too, it's a high school type picture. It stars Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore (he was Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Enjoy the rest of the week :)

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