Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reyes Magos

Today is the Epiphany.

In Spain this is the day when we get and receive presents from the 3 Kings.

I remember as a little girl, waking up with Nuri and going to the living room, where my mom and dad set up our gifts. They really made a nice settings.
 One I remember well is when we both got a  doll's bedroom set complete with beds, wardrobe -with dresses hanging on little hangers-  and a dresser with a chair. They  were doll size, but the dolls were quite large, they were the first walking dolls, you could hold their hand and they would walk with you. The furniture was blue with little details of flowers around the edges. My doll had brown hair and Nuri's doll had blond hair. We were the envy of the neighborhood girls.

When I came to the US, nobody had heard of this holiday, so I had to adapt to Santa Claus and presents on Christmas Day, but every year I always give the girls something on January 6th. They were lucky to get presents twice :)

I am still not feeling well, my energy is very low, I just lay down and rest and keep on coughing and sneezing. Lizzie came over this weekend and we had lunch at Ricardo's on Saturday, and Chipotle for dinner. This morning, after Lizzie got her Reyes Magos gift, Sandy will be getting hers in the mail,  I fixed some waffles and sausage and hasbrowns. Lizzie left back to San Diego in the afternoon.

If I had felt better, I would have bought a tortel de Reyes, which is a special round pastry, they sell it here in Mexican bakeries.

I saw 60 minutes tonight, because they had a segment on the Barcelona FC. It made me a bit weepy, seeing the Camp Nou, the catalan flags, etc. Sigh.


emtes said...

Homesick are you? :-)

I had never heard of giving gifts on January 6th either but that seems to be nice. Maybe I should start that too ;-)
What a wonderful gift you and Nuri got with the dolls. That must really had been special.

Take care now and get well soon!

Get-well-hugs from your
sis :-)

Love you <3

RedRed said...

That doll looks kind of scary.