Saturday, January 19, 2013

2 movies

I didn't want to watch this movie because I it's sad and depressing, but it won best foreign movie at the Golden Globes, and is up for best movie, AND best foreign movie at the Oscars. It has also won a ton of other awards, for the movie, the director, and actor and actress. Indeed it is sad and depressing, but is also deserving of a best actor and actress awards. I am not sure about best movie because of the theme and I found it excruciatingly slow. The actor, Jean Luis Trintignant, was one of my favorite French actors when I was growing up. He was with Brigitte Bardot in the movie "And God Created Woman" and he was such a hunk.
                                                    Here he is now

The actress, Emanuelle Riva, was in one of my favorite movies, "Hiroshima, mon amour". At 85, she's the oldest actress to receive an Oscar nomination.

The other movie "Moonrise Kingdom" has also received sterling reviews and I loved it. It is warm, quirky, and whimsical. I love the photography and the landscapes. Beautiful. Very sweet. It left me smiling.

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RedRed said...

I'm going to watch Moonrise Kingdom next week! Looking forward to it!