Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rainy day

It rained a lot last night and it's been cloudy and gray most of the day.

I didn't do much of anything, just a little shopping (bought another toy for Lulu which was destroyed in about 10 minutes flat. Why do I keep buying her things???)

Marvin came out of dialysis by 3:45PM and he was feeling rather worn out and tired, he had lunch at home then took a nap. I went to get a pastrami sandwich and mixed fries for dinner, and he was still feeling pretty weak.  After dinner he started feeling a little better.

Have nothing else to say so I will send another card that my  last year's room mother sent me on my retirement. She also gave me a nice bouquet of flowers and a beautiful retirement cake, and a large framed class picture :)

Mrs. Wann,.
Words cannot express the gratitude I hold for you! I could not have picked a more "perfect" teacher for my son!
Thank you very much for teaching my son how to be a good student and a good person.
We will all miss you. My son Daniel especially will miss seeing you on a day to day basis.

There should be more teachers like you!

With respect and love,

She is a RN at UCLA Medical Center. She and her husband visited several kindergarten classes in the LLCSD before they "chose" me :) They both were very involved in school and she helped me out a lot in class.
Her daughter Olivia started kinder this year and is in Jennifer's class. Miriam says she wishes I had waited until next year to retire  ;)

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